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Fenimore's is one of the premier wedding consultants and wedding designers in the Cleveland, Tennessee and Ocoee Region with over 10 years experience in wedding floral designs and creations.  Fenimore's vintage, eco-friendly, contemporary or traditional floral designs will be of the highest quality and as unique as YOU!  Owner, Dwight Richardson, wants you to know his personal best will be accessible to you during and on your wedding day.



Fenimore's has an array of creative and unique ideas for any size event you can dream up.  Churches, Corporate functions, Civic Clubs and others have come to rely on Fenimore's ability to go above and beyond to make you and your group look good. Just let Fenimore's know your ideas and they will create and design that WOW effect. It is important to Fenimore's that your image is portrayed just like you need it to be.

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